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February 13, 2012  —

3 years ago I started on a journey with no idea as to where it would take me. For a long time I have been working with startup and big companies and so had an idea of what not to do. But what would my startup would be like, who will I be working with, I had no idea. There was this tiny fear of failure, rejection losing my 'domain expertise'. But with a little confidence (or a lot of over-confidence) and a big support from my loving wife, I tool the plunge.

So how do I evaluate my last three years? I created smstweet, did zebu, tried couple of ideas with paying customers on mcoupons, mloyalty. Tried running revu and now growing onze. Have I been a failure with my earlier attempts? No doubt if I had raised couple of million dollars for my startups or have been in the 'lime light' of this startup ecosystem, there would be 10 guys who would have written my obituary.

But the fact is that I am alive, had the most fun filled 3 years of my life and had an awesome time watching my 2 kids grow. No million dollar exits, no job creation for 100's of people, no dent in startup space and made a big hole in my savings. So is this a success or failure?

Happiness is a very personal thing. You decide for yourself what it means for you. If it means not being part of the 'last man standing game' or selling out to the 'market leader' or the so called assets sale (life mojo, lifeblob). It's your startup and you decide how to run/exit it. Startup is something you do it for yourself and your own happiness. Do not succumb to peer pressure of being called a failure or being written of by startup evangelists. 

Indian startup Eco system is growing by leaps and bounds. People are willing to experiment, vc ecosystem is growing, people have more disposable income and are finally starting to buy stuff online. Least we need here are a bunch of cassandras writing obituary of people, company and the Eco system in general.

And frankly last 2cents for people starting up. Don't read too much blogs or subscribe to startup gurus on twitter and elsewhere. That is a huge distraction. Just take the plunge and things will only shape up for the best for you.

And last 2 cents to 'self proclaimed vanguard of startup ecosystem'. Do something instead of just writing obituaries.

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