From DINKs to DKNI

June 19, 2011  —

Roma made this observation the other day. When we got married, both of us were earning more than we could spend. Had no kids. And no responsibilities as such. Fast forward by six years, and here we are with two lovely princess (Raina and Trisha). Roma has left her job and is taking care of the kids and pursuing her interest in cooking and photography. And myself, taken the plunge in entrepreneurship.

Basically with Double Income and No Kids to Double kids and No Income :)

As soon as I tweeted about it, a good friend of mine responded.

From DINKs to DKNI

Battling entrepreneurship is quite challenging. More so when middle age starts bothering you and you realize you are not half as efficient or predictable that you used to be. Your kids take up a significant portion of your time. And your savings starts drying up.

I could be working in a regular job and earning more than I could spend. Go for a holiday to Singapore/Mauritius or where not. I would have bought my favourite Jazz I’ve been meaning to buy and turn by den into a home theater.

But Entrepreneurship is such a nasty bug. Once it bites you, there is no escaping to the real world.

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