Go OlaCabs! Go

October 28, 2012  —

So finally I booked a Ola cab in Delhi. Well technically I booked it on my mobile (mobile internet, they don’t have a Windows app) while sitting in Orcha. A small town close to another small city Jhansi. The booking was for the next day 4:30 AM for my family to be picked up from railway station to airport. Last time the Taxi I picked up outside the station fleeced me by charging 500/-. This time I was going to be well prepared.

Obviously the technology that OlaCabs has developed/used for a good customer experience is quite good. It just works and is quite seamless and is very transparent. There is a sense of simplicity when you see things just happen as and when they should after you book the cab. But what really impressed me was a little chat I had with the driver. It showed how the culture of customer satisfaction was being drilled down to the Taxi drivers who infact are the face of the company. And they are the one who give you an impression of the company.

Here’s a brief summary of the chat I had with the driver.

While talking to the driver the story of Zappos kept coming to my mind. I seriously think OlaCabs is setting the bar for customer satisfaction as high as Zappos did, and is definitely succeeding so far. Thrilled by this experience I immediately booked the Cab for my pick up at Bangalore airport as well.

In Delhi I paid Rs. 300/- instead of the 500/- I paid last time. And in Bangalore I paid Rs. 500/- instead of Rs. 880/- (actual bill value) because of an introductory offer they are running here. So am a super happy OlaCabs customer now :-)

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