Hasta La Vista Revu

June 03, 2011  —

Exactly a year ago I bounced off this idea with Jai about being able to review any restaurant by sending a SMS, and that review getting published on the users twitter page, facebook page and a dedicated page for that restaurant if it had one. Well that was just the start of the idea. Jai, Ishwar and myself thought we could pull something out of it and we just jumped.

6 months down the line we realized, that the vision that we individually had about Revu was quite different. A standalone consumer centric Review platform is fundamentally different from Mobile loyalty. We could not come to a consensus due to vision mismatch, risk appetite, and fundamentally on how to grow the company. And so I move on.

But how can you quit a company that you co-founded?

A good friend of mine asked that question. It’s painful, but I guess I will leave that question unanswered. Jai and Ishwar are good friends of mine, and I sincerely hope they are able to pull it off.

Hasta La Vista Revu

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