Ideas are Dime a Dozen

May 21, 2010  —

I have heard and lived that phrase a hundred times in the past 6 odd months. Being on my own during these times carefully juggling between a revenue positive business targeted idea to consumer focused no business model idea, I have learned a lot. However the most important lesson I have learnt is that it is impossible to run a business on your own. Yes that is a generic statement, and I am not going to support it as I feel I cannot justify it in writing. Though would love to pick up this topic on a debate and mince meat my opponent (just kidding, do drop by for a healthy debate).

Ideas are Dime a Dozen

But I will justify the title of this post. From now, until someone gags me down I will keep shooting some of the ideas that I have explored in the past. Believe me each one of them has an awesome potential, but the key in Indian context is Execution. You can maybe get away without executing a lot and just ride on social media to make some of them successful in the west. But in India, you need to do a lot of leg-work to make any Internet related idea to succeed.

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