Lets talk about Inhibition

March 01, 2012  —

When you were in school, you knew each and every person in your class. Did some teacher take the initiative of introducing you all? When you were in your college or university, How many of your batchmates did you actually know? And then you joined a job and knew how many people? 

Today when you are working how many friends do you think you have? Not the facebook one. They won't turn up when you die. Go back to your college time and try remembering how many friends did you have then? And now go back to your school. How many friends did you have?

As you grew older your number of friends started reducing. Why? You got busier? A lot of responsibility started coming your way? You became too important?

Back in the days of school there was no inhibition. You could walk up to any person and start a conversation. You did not need someone to introduce you to some other person. As we grew older we started becoming more and more conscious about ourselves and what others would think about us. 

There is a universal connection between each and every living human being. I don't know what that connection is, but the energy flows from one person to the other through this connection. Lesser the number of friends you have, lesser is the energy you will get from this common pool. This energy is directly proportionate to your happiness. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to get rid of your inhibition. It's not because you are too busy that you are not able to have more friends today. You have a lot more inhibition.

Without Inhibition, in your childhood you could go to anyone and talk. You can talk your heart out to someone without thinking what they will think about you. That helped you get better at what you wanted to get better at. There was no negative feeling about anyone. And there was no such thing called Stress. Whereas today we resist talking to anyone about your problems. Or about the problem you are having with them. End result, you keep all those negative thoughts within yourself and succumb to it. This then gives rise to the Stress that you may be encountering.

Facebook and other Social Communities let's you keep the inhibition and yet claim that you have more friends. Reality is far from that. So quit being social on Facebook and start becoming social offline. Reclaim your child hood innocence and get rid of your inhibitions. Not just with respect to making friends and talking to them, but in general. Whenever you feel there is inhibition stopping your from doing certain thing. GET RID OF IT.

That is, if you want happiness.

Thought Credits : Sri Vinod MenonJi from DSN course at Art of Living Ashram.

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