Strong vs Weak Person

February 28, 2012  —

Are you a strong person or a weak person? Strength as in mental strength. A person with strong mental strength is bound to do things which may qualify as success, happiness and contentment.

You are driving on a highway and you see two sign boards. One says This way the other says That way. Which one do you choose? This way. Why? because it is easier. because it is convenient. because I feel like taking it. That way by the way is opposite of what I said about This way.

You set an Alarm for 5 AM. Alarm rings, you wake up. You feel like sleeping for 5 more minutes. What do you do? Chose the This way and sleep for 5 minutes (maybe more). You have a meeting at 5PM and at 4:55 PM India is playing the last over of the match and you don’t want to miss it. What do you do? Chose the This way.

You are presented with choices every single day, multiple times a day. Every time you chose This way over That way you get into the habit of choosing This way. This habit is what makes you a weak person.

That way on the other hand is the path of commitment, discipline and responsibility. Indeed it is hard to take That way. But the habit of choosing That way every time you are presented with the choices is what makes you a strong person.

Do you have problems with commitment? Do you want to be a strong person and don’t know where to start? It’s very simple. Start choosing That way whenever you are presented with choices, and the habit of choosing That way over This way will eventually make you a strong person.

By the way, only strong person can be entrepreneurs :-) Credits: Above thoughts are from my new found Guru Vinod Menon Ji. He teaches a course called Divya Samaj Nirman at Art of Living.
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