Why Meditation?

April 06, 2012  —

Is meditation only for elderly folks? Is it only for religiously or spiritually inclined folks? Is it so esoteric that you and I cannot do it?

Very simply put, Meditation is an exercise that you undertake to keep your mind fit and relaxed. The way you go to Gym or that early morning walk to keep your body healthy. Mediation keeps your Mind healthy.

Mind is a very complex entity. If your body gets physically strained, you know you need to take rest and you promptly do. Your mind on the other hand is getting strained every single waking moment and yet it neither gets any rest nor the exercise to keep it healthy. You disagree? Ok what are you thinking about right now? about a minute ago? an hour ago? Try to observe the thought that you are having right now and see how quickly it leads to another and yet another one ad infinitum until someone calls your name. Your mind processes thousands of thoughts every single day. And that strains your mind.

Meditation helps you get rid of those continuous thoughts that you are processing to a point where not a single thought runs through your mind. That is an ultimate state of relaxation your mind can experience. You are aware of your surrounding and can react to an external stimulus if you chose to, but your mind is completely free from any thoughts. It is blissful.

For a healthy life, Keep your body healthy and give equal importance to your mind as well. That is Art of Living.

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